Cybersecurity Solutions for CPAs & Accounting firms

Safeguard your clients’ sensitive financial data to maintain client trust and professional integrity.

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Cyber-attacks on the financial sector increased by approximately 80% between 2017 and 2020.

Empowering Financial Guardians

Strengthening Cybersecurity and IT Solutions for CPAs & Accounting Firms


Protect Sensitive Data

Safeguarding sensitive financial data is vital for CPAs and accounting firms to maintain trust, uphold professional standards, and prevent legal and financial repercussions.


Maintain Compliance

Proper compliance is essential for CPAs and accounting firms to uphold financial regulations, prevent legal penalties, and maintain client trust in the accuracy of financial services.

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Avoid Potential Issues

Our cybersecurity and managed IT services help prevent data breaches and ensure uninterrupted operations so you can maintain trust and accuracy with your financial services.

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Ways We Can Help

We prioritize the safeguarding of sensitive financial data, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of client information.

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Fortifying Financial Integrity

We fortify financial integrity with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, protecting data and ensuring trust in financial services.

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Protecting Financial Data

We tailor cybersecurity to protect financial data, client information, and transaction integrity, ensuring CPAs and accounting firms operate securely.

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Cyber Resilience in Accounting

We enhance cyber resilience in accounting with proactive, adaptable cybersecurity, ensuring CPAs and firms maintain data security and reliability.

The Experience You Can Count On

Our team is experienced with the software and tools CPAs rely on, and we have the certifications needed to keep your firm secure and compliant.

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Is Your Accounting Firm at Risk?

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, the financial sector faces an unprecedented array of cybersecurity threats. It’s not a matter of whether your company is at risk, but rather how well-prepared it is to defend against evolving threats. Data breaches or ransomware attacks can result in significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and potential legal liabilities, undermining the trust clients place in the confidentiality and accuracy of financial services.

The interconnected nature of financial transactions and the industry’s reliance on digital platforms further emphasize the importance of cybersecurity. Protecting digital assets and ensuring uninterrupted financial system operation is critical. By proactively prioritizing robust cybersecurity measures and managed IT services, CPAs and accounting firms can mitigate these risks, secure sensitive financial data, maintain client trust, and ensure the continuity of financial services. In an industry where accuracy and reliability are paramount, a proactive approach to cybersecurity safeguards data, enhances financial integrity, and preserves the reputation of CPAs and accounting firms.

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What Our Clients Say

We’ve helped dozens of businesses achieve cyber resilience and thrive. Let’s handle your challenges next!

Jessica D.

I can't say enough about Linda, Matt, and the rest of the PC Techware team! Their response time is incredible, and thanks to them, our office is working more efficiently, as well as securely than ever.

Natalie J.

PC Techware has been handling my computers for years and they are always quick to return calls and resolve our issues. Great company to work with.

Amanda B.

Smart, friendly, trustworthy, timely, the list goes on....
PC Techware helps keep our company one step ahead when it comes to our technology, software and the crucial safety measures that are necessary in the ever evolving cyber world.

Chad M.

Professional, quick, service provided was effective and solved the gaps I had in wireless coverage.

Mason M.

Great company to work with and very fast response times.

Denise R.

All the staff is very helpful and very quick to return calls.

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