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At the forefront of helping you manage your risk, is effective cyber security. We achieve this by protecting your network with enterprise-grade firewalls, secure WiFi, and endpoints covered with our Managed Threat Detection solution backed by a 24 × 7 × 365 Security Operations Center. But security goes beyond an appliance and endpoint protection.

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72% of all small businesses have experienced a cyberattack.


Protecting Against Cyber Threats

Safeguarding Your Business with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services


Zero Trust Networking

Enforce strict identity verification for all users to safeguard devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices from cyber threats. This includes measures like antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized access.


Threat intelligence

This feature involves gathering information about potential cyber threats from various sources such as security vendors, government agencies, and online communities. It helps in identifying emerging threats, understanding their nature and impact, and taking proactive measures to mitigate them effectively.


Proactive monitoring

This feature involves continuous monitoring of networks, systems, and applications for any suspicious activities or vulnerabilities. It enables early detection of potential security breaches or anomalies so that appropriate actions can be taken promptly to prevent any damage or data loss.

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Explore the myriad ways our expertise and solutions can elevate your goals, ensuring success, innovation, and unparalleled security measures.

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Protection of Sensitive Data

Cybersecurity safeguards sensitive information, ensuring its confidentiality and integrity, and preventing unauthorized access or disclosure.


Preservation of Reputation and Trust

Cybersecurity measures maintain organizational integrity, preventing data breaches and cyber attacks that could damage reputation and erode trust.


Business Continuity and Productivity

Cybersecurity ensures continuous operations by mitigating the impact of attacks, such as ransomware or DDoS incidents, and implementing measures like data backups and incident response plans.

The Perfect Solution For All The Protection 

Providing high-quality, effective protection through a versatile and comprehensive solution, tailored to meet diverse security needs with perfection and precision.


High Quality Service

Delivering excellence through unparalleled and meticulous high-quality services and solutions.


Effective Protection

Ensuring robust defense with proactive measures for effective protection and security.

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Cybersecurity Solutions


Firewall Protection

Utilize robust firewalls to establish a secure barrier between internal networks and external threats, controlling and monitoring network traffic based on predefined security rules.


Advanced Endpoint Protection

Implement endpoint protection solutions to secure individual devices, employing features such as antivirus, firewall, and intrusion prevention to safeguard against a variety of cyber threats.


Encryption for Data Security

Apply encryption to sensitive data during storage, transmission, and processing, ensuring that even if intercepted, the information remains unreadable without the appropriate decryption key.


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Enforce strict IAM policies to manage and control user access based on roles and responsibilities, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to critical systems and data.


Security Information 

Employ SIEM systems to collect and analyze log data from various sources, providing real-time analysis of security alerts and facilitating the detection and response to security incidents.

Patch Management

Regular Patch Management

Implement a proactive patch management strategy to keep software, operating systems, and applications up-to-date with the latest security patches, closing vulnerabilities and reducing the risk of exploitation.

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Device Posture Check

Assess the security status of devices, ensuring compliance with policies before granting network access.


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Unified Threat Management

Integrate multiple security features like firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion prevention into a single, streamlined solution.



Data Loss Protection

Prevent unauthorized access, use, or transmission of your sensitive data, ensuring compliance and protecting against data breaches.


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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) combines network security and WAN capabilities into a single cloud-based service for secure, efficient connectivity.




Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a proactive discipline aimed at defending computer systems and networks against cyber threats and unauthorized access. It revolves around ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information, maintaining the integrity of data, and guaranteeing the continuous availability of digital resources. This multifaceted approach employs various strategies, including encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms, to create a robust defense against a dynamic landscape of cyber risks.

In an era marked by the pervasive use of digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity can’t be overstated. Proper cybersecurity involves implementing protection solutions while cultivating a security-focused culture, emphasizing the role of your team in staying vigilant against cyber threats. As technology continues to evolve, the ongoing challenge is to adapt and innovate security measures to address emerging risks, making cybersecurity an integral part of your business.

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Jessica D.

I can't say enough about Linda, Matt, and the rest of the PC Techware team! Their response time is incredible, and thanks to them, our office is working more efficiently, as well as securely than ever.

Natalie J.

PC Techware has been handling my computers for years and they are always quick to return calls and resolve our issues. Great company to work with.

Amanda B.

Smart, friendly, trustworthy, timely, the list goes on....
PC Techware helps keep our company one step ahead when it comes to our technology, software and the crucial safety measures that are necessary in the ever evolving cyber world.

Chad M.

Professional, quick, service provided was effective and solved the gaps I had in wireless coverage.

Mason M.

Great company to work with and very fast response times.

Denise R.

All the staff is very helpful and very quick to return calls.

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